Best Sump Pump Reviews (Updated For 2018)

Here you’ll learn which are the best submersible, pedestal and backup sump pumps. Choose a featured list below to get started:

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How to Pick the Correct Sump Pump for Your Needs

When you choose the correct sump pump you get a sump pump that enjoys a longer lifetime. You get a sump pump that is easier to maintain, is more power efficient and is quieter. You get a sump pump that can save your basement and protect your property and belongings during any size hurricane. Even Irene!

It doesn’t matter how weird your sump setup is. It doesn’t matter if you are having residential or commercial wastewater issues… will help you choose the best sump pump for your needs… and… help you “Do It Yourself” to save headache!

Start your search with the best sump pumps of 2018!

We realize you are in a hurry. So we created a Best Sump Pumps of 2018 page for you. It shows the best 3 sump pumps for the 6 different categories of setups: backup sump pump, battery backup sump pump, submersible, water powered, pedestal and floor sucker. If you already have an idea which sump pump you currently have or already know the type you need then this page will be the most time saving while ensuring you pickup the best one available.

Check out the cost comparison!

Second, since your budget is extremely important to your decision, we have put together a sump pump cost comparison table that outlines the best 26 sump pumps from all the types and brands into a scannable database. This is so that you can quickly and easily see the different pumps prices, image, brand, type and specs in one place. It is excellent for you to grasp the sump pumps in your budget.

Search by brands and types of sump pumps!

Third, it’s up to you! We have put together comparisons and reviews for all the different types of sump pumps. Check out the type you want and need to see all the best sump pumps for it.


Operates from the bottom of your sump and pumps the water out to the city drains when it reaches a certain level.

Backup Sump Pump
Required if your property will be damaged if primary sump pump fails (television in basement? carpets? laundry stuff?)

Water Powered Sump Pump
Usually sits above sump and suctions the sump water out. How? Municipal water under pressure travel through the pump and acts like a soda straw sucking the sump water out.

Pedestal Sump Pumps
Mechanical parts are above the water/sump making them easier to maintain but louder.

Portable Floor Sucker Utility Pump
Cleans up wet floors. Is submersible. Recommended for “drier” less active sumps or as a backup.

Why Even Bother To Look Over The Reviews & Comparisons On

1. You will save lots of time finding the exact sump pump for your needs. Why?

We have done the research so you don’t have to. We are a mechanical engineer and civil/environmental engineer with more than 9 years of industrial engineering projects experience.

From $1.3M budget mining vehicle wash down bays (complete with sumps and continuous water filtration equipment – sort of like this, but about 3x the size and capacity) to complete 7 km water piping re-designs… We have the knowledge. And have specifically focused on sump pumps to help people like you save their basements and belongings from flood damage.

2. You will get unbiased ratings and buying advice to ensure you are not just “sold” on a sump pump that ends up NOT right for your needs. How? is not affiliated with a single particular brand or type of sump pump. We look at the big picture for you instead of focusing on selling one brand or type. The reviews and comparisons here, therefore, show you the best and allow YOU to choose which of the best you most like. Since the sump pumps we present to you are the best you can choose easily based on your price, brand or size preference.

3. You will save yourself headache not having to piece bits and pieces of sump pump information together since it is already all here in one place.

Our aim is to provide you with a full DIY complete sump pump information website so that once you pick the right one we continue to help you through to commissioning and maintenance. Too often are people just like you left in the dark the second the credit card goes through and it’s not right. We provide articles and reviews to help you from A- Z.

How To Know Which Sump Pump is Best For Your Needs?

Well… there are 3 types of people reading this right now – which are you?

Type 1: Buying a replacement sump pump

If this is you then the best sump pump for your needs is probably the same type as you had before. See Types page for more details.

Type 2: Buying a backup sump pump

If this is you then all you need to do is check out the best Backup Sump Pumps and choose the one that floats your boat.

Type 3: Buying your first sump pump

If this is you then let’s assume you have no idea which sump is best for your needs at the moment. I can help.

To start, I’m going to assume you require a sump pump for your home-based sump pit. So, first thing you need to do is have a look at your sump pit. Take note of its size (depth and area) and take note of the current water flow rate through it (is it constant or seasonal?)

In most cases, a Submersibile sump pump will work best for home-based sump systems and it’s just a matter of getting the proper size one. From here I would like to direct you to my general overview sump pump buying guide so that you can accurately pick the correct one for your needs.

I hope the sump pump reviews on this website help you find the best sump pump for your needs fast.

Cheers and good luck.