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Best Sump Pumps

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The best sump pumps are organized into 7 categories. Once you click on one you’ll  be taken to the best.


Max Performance Sump Pump


Zoeller is the Brand Plumbers Recommend

1) Zoeller M267 Submersible

Zoeller M267 sump pumpThe maximum performance sump pump is this top-of-the-line Zoeller submersible sump pump – the M267. It’s the pump you’ll wish you had next time a massive storm comes through.

It passes 2 inch spherical solids and has a 1/2 HP motor. It’s constructed of cast iron and stainless steel to ensure a long healthy life. With regular maintenance you can expect this pump to last 20 years (float switch may need replacing however).

The Zoeller M267 can pump 235 Liters (60 Gallons) of water per minute from your sump pit 4 Metres (~13 Feet) up through the discharge pipe to the city sewage/discharge point (and max flow rate at 5 foot head of 128 GPM).


“The Cadillac of Sump Pumps.”

2) Zoeller M98 Submersible

Zoeller M98 Sump PumpThe above Zoeller is technically classified as a sewage/dewatering pump – meaning it is designed to handle a lot more water flow than most home sump pits would see. This Zoeller – with about half the max flow rate of the M267 – is still more than adequate for most homes in the US.

It can handle 1/2 inch spherical solids and also has a 1/2 HP motor. It has a cast iron impeller that is about 20% smaller in diameter than the M267’s.

The M98 is less money than the #1 max performance Zoeller, and is built in the USA. So if you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line Zoeller check out this one.


“Surprisingly Quiet – and a Workhorse.”

3) Zoeller M57 Submersible

Zoeller M57 Sump PumpThe best sump pump for most people’s needs is the Zoeller M57. It isn’t the maximum performance model, but it is affordable, durable and has enough flow rate to keep your home dry.

In fact, this model ends up ranked #1 Best Overall Value and #1 Best All-Round Submersible, as seen below.

It has a 43 GPM max flow rate at 5 foot head, which is about 1/3 that of the M267 and about 1/2 that of the M98. It has a 3/10 HP motor and is constructed of cast iron and stainless steel.

Best Overall Value For The Price


Hits the Sweet Spot in Performance and Price

1) Zoeller M57 Submersible

Zoeller M57 Sump PumpComing in first for value, you’re getting a 0.3 HP sump pump with a max flow rate of 43 GPM at 5 foot head. This means it can pump 20 GPM (79 LPM) up to the street 15 feet (4.5 m) above the pump. The M57 will be sufficient for 80% of your homes.

With many reviews on Amazon.com, the M57 has managed a high star rating. People especially love how quiet it is, how durable and how hassle free its installation was. The complaints related to it are associated with damage during shipping and early float switch failure (complaints account for less than 5% of reviews however).

It weighs 30 pounds and comes with a 9 foot electrical cord.


2) Zoeller M98 Submersible

Zoeller M98 Sump PumpComing in at a higher price than most others is another Zoeller submersible sump pump. Most sump pumps sold are the submersible type, and that is why they offer best value for price.

The M98 offers about double the flow rate as the #1 Best Value sump pump, and costs 40% more.

Go gor the M98 if you want/need that extra flow rate capability – aside from flow rate and an extra bit of horsepower the M98 and M57 are essentially the same unit.


3) Wayne CDU790

Wayne 1:3 hp submersible sump pumpThe Wayne CDU790 offers exceptional price for its performance. It costs less than the Zoeller M57 and has a flow rate closer to the M98.

Unlike the Zoellers’ which are designed to push through small particles (1/2 inch to 2 inches depending on model) the Wayne uses an inlet screen to block the particles from getting in. Not being able to pump them out means the inlet can get clogged. And the possibility of damage to the impeller if larger solids sneak through is increased.

Nonetheless, the Wayne CDU790 is highly regarded and very popular –  it is affordable and moves a good amount of water.

It was a toss up to put this pump or the Zoeller M267 in the number 3 spot for value for money. The M267 is clearly a more powerful and better pump, but it costs 3x the Wayne. So the Wayne won out.

Best All-Round Submersible Sump Pump


Best Submersible For Most People

1) Zoeller M57

Zoeller M57 Sump PumpThe best all-round submersible sump pump for most people is also the best overall value for the price sump pump – the Zoeller M57. When I rank these for all-round characteristics it means price comes into the equation, and so, the M57 beats out the M98 and M53 Zoellers’ below.

Zoeller is the brand plumbers recommend, and some refuse to repair or install anything else.

One reviewer tells the story of how a plumber showed up at his house during a storm and when he saw that it wasn’t a Zoeller told the reviewer he would instead of fixing the old pump, just install a Zoeller he had in his truck.


Best Submersible For High Flow Rate Sump Pits

2) Zoeller M98

Zoeller M98 Sump PumpWith a 73 GPM (273 LPM) max flow rate with 5 feet of head, the M98 from Zoeller is the perfect option for those of you that need substantial water to be moved from your sump pit.

It’s fully cast iron and is the most reliable sump pump brand available.

Rest easy next time you’re on holiday and you hear that a massive storm is brewing in your home’s neighbourhood. This pump will keep your basement dry and home’s sub levels free of mildew.


3) Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate

Zoeller M53 Sump PumpThe M53 and #1 pick M57 differ only in that the M53 has:

  • Engineered thermoplastic base; and,
  • Engineered, glass-filled, plastic impeller with metal insert.

And the M57 has all cast iron. Therefore, the M53 is also a little lighter.

Both are about the same price and so, although still exceptional value, the M53 gets third place and not second or first.

With its 1/3 HP motor you get 43 GPM max flow rate at 5 foot head.

Best Backup Sump Pump System


No Battery Required

1) Basepump Water Powered RB 750

Basepump 750 water powered backup sump pumpThe best backup sump pump for most people is the water powered Basepump RB750. It uses city water to create suction to pull water from your sump in times when your main sump has failed or the power has gone out.

The Basepump RB750 needs to be secured above your sump pit and city water supply needs to be hooked up to its inlet back flow prevention valve. Once the water raises its float switch the valve opens and the city water begins to create the suction required to suck about 12.5 GPM of water from the sump.

The best thing about the water powered backups is they don’t require any batteries. So now worrying about flat batteries when you’re relaxing on holiday.


2) Liberty Pumps Water Powered SJ10

Liberty Pumps water powered backup sump pumpThe Liberty SJ10 is also water powered and sits directly in your sump pit. Here’s a video explaining how it works in detail.

It’s more affordable than the #1 choice because #1 comes with a water alarm to text message or email you if water reaches the alarm (place it just above sump pit).

Liberty offers a 2 year limited warranty (Basepump above offers 5 year) and claims the installation can be performed by a non-professional. If you’re looking for the most affordable option this is your unit.


Higher Flow Rate, Computer Controlled, Battery Powered

3) Wayne WSM3300 Advanced Battery Powered Backup

Wayne WSM3300 Backup Sump PumpThe advanced Wayne WSM3300 sump minder is a combination of:

  • A battery powered backup pump; and,
  • a computer control unit for the entire system.

It monitors your main pump, the water level in the pit and the AC input to know what is wrong with the system and switch on the backup pump when it needs to. It will SMS message/call you with details of what it is doing and what is wrong.

The reason this unit is #3 is because you need to source a deep cycle battery, piping and valves on your own, which is clearly a little bit of a hassle. But this is the ultimate protection for your basement.

How much would you pay to protect the electronics and furniture in your basement?

Best Pedestal Sump Pump


Best for Narrow or Shallow Sump Pit

1) Flotec FPPM3600D 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

Flotec Pedestal Sump PumpThe best pedestal sump pump for most people is this Flotec. It can drain a max of 58 GPM and has a non-clogging impeller.

Pedestal sump pumps are less prevalent these days, but used to be the gold standard. Because their moving parts are above the sump pit (and out of the water) the pump is louder. However, also easier to maintain because the parts most likely to fail are easier to access.

The use case is if you have a narrow or shallow sump pit use a pedestal – otherwise go with a submersible. Also go with a submersible if you happen to think solids get into your pit.


2) Red Lion SC33PED (Previously Little Giant)

Red Lion Pedestal Sump PumpThe runner-up pedestal sump pump is perfect for average volume water removal in your home basement or crawl space. It’s more expensive than the #1 pick (because it’s cast iron not thermoplastic) and drains at about the same rate, so for those reasons it’s ranked #2.

It can pump water up to 25 ft above the sump pit and at 0 foot head can pump 53 GPM. It weighs 18 pounds, which is 7 pounds more than the unit above.

Red Lion is the same pump as Little Giant. They recently amalgamated. So if you’re in the market for a Little Giant… you’re looking at it.


Most Flow, Most Power, Most Money

3) Wayne SPV800 1/2 HP Pedestal Pump

Wayne SPV800 Pedestal PumpHere is a pedestal pump with a cast-iron housing and impeller and air-cooled 1/2 HP motor. In this list of best pedestal pumps it ranks #3 simply because I think it is overkill for most people’s needs.

It can handle 70 gallons of water per minute with 0 ft head. It has a high capacity 1 and 1/2 inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) discharge, which means it can be plumbed in directly to your old submersible sumps system.

It costs a reasonable price comparatively and has free shipping. Act fast if this is your choice.

Best Portable Transfer Pump


Easily Empty Aquariums, Transfer Water From Rain Barrels to Flower Beds (and more)

1) Wayne PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump

Wayne PC2 Transfer PumpThe best pump to transfer water from one place to another is the Wayne PC2. It can move close to 6 gallons of water per minute (You could empty a small aquarium in minutes).

It comes with the suction hose and attachment to place in the barrel or tank you’re emptying and use your garden hose on the other end to transfer the water to your drain or flower beds… Up to you.

It is often on sale and will ship to your house no worries (if you live in the US). Currently it is ranked as a top sump pump by plumbers.

Best Portable & Submersible Utility Pump


A Portable Pump to Drain Flooded Areas

1) Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Utility Pump

Superior Pump Sump PumpThe best utility pump is this one by Superior Pump. It offers the option of attaching a float switch to turn it into a sump pump.

You can easily move a submersible utility pump to the area of your house that has flooded. By attaching a tethered float switch to auto turn on the pump based on water level.

The 91250 by Superior Pump plugs into your electrical outlet, and then you place the pump in the water, attach the discharge hose kit (or garden hose), switch it on and the water drains from the area through the hose kit to an exterior area.

The 91250 has a max flow rate of 30 GPM with zero pumping head. It is a popular unit on Amazon for a reason.


2) Wayne Water Systems VIP50 1/2 HP 42 GPM Utility Pump

Wayne 1:2 hp submersible utility sump pumpThe VIP50 by Wayne Water Systems is a more powerful, more expensive option. It can drain 42 GPM and comes with a 1/2 HP motor.

It’s a great utility pump; however, unlike the above option does not allow you to turn it into a sump pump with an attachable float switch.

It’s great for draining areas where the drain has clogged and as you can see has a handle to easily move around from job to job.


3) Little Giant 5-MSP 1/6 HP 18.3 GPM

Little Giant 1:6 hp submersible utility sump pumpA third option for utility pumps is this one by Little Giant. It’s more expensive and less high performance than the above options, which is why it comes in third place.

It’s made in Mexico – which is worrying to some – but still manages to impress customers.

It often comes with free shipping but be sure to check the Amazon link below.