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ThumbnailSump PumpTypePower SupplyPower
Basepump 750 water powered backup sump pumpBasepump 750Water Powered BackupWater Powered150 PSI
Glentronics primary and backup sump pump systemGlentronicsPrimary and Backup PackageMains 115V1/3 HP
Liberty Pumps water powered backup sump pumpLiberty PumpsWater Powered BackupMains 115V20 - 100 PSI
Little Giant 1:4hp submersible sump pumpLittle GiantSubmersibleMains 115V1/4 HP
Little Giant 1:6 hp submersible utility sump pumpLittle GiantSubmersibleMains 115V1/6 HP
Simer 1:4 hp submersible sump pumpSimerSubmersibleMains 115V1/4 HP
Superior Pumps 1:3 hp tethered float sump pumpSuperior PumpsSubmersible w/ Tethered FloatMains 115V1/3 HP
Superior Pump Sump PumpSuperior PumpsSubmersibleMains 115V1/4 HP
Superior Pumps Submersible 1:4 Hp with tethered floatSuperior PumpsSubmersible w/ Tethered FloatMains 115V1/4 HP
Superior Pumps 1:5 hp sump pumpSuperior PumpsSubmersible UtilityMains 115V1/5 HP
Wayne 1:2 hp portable transfer pumpWaynePortable Transfer PumpMains 115V1/2 HP
Wayne 1:2 hp submersible utility sump pumpWayneSubmersible UtilityMains 115V1/2 HP
Wayne 1:3 hp submersible sump pumpWayneSubmersibleMains 115V1/3 HP
Wayne 3:4 hp submersible sump pumpWayne GeniusSubmersibleMains 115V3/4 HP
Wayne Battery backup sump pumpWayneBattery Backup12V BatteryVaries (Voltage x Current)
Wayne portable transfer pumpWaynePortable TransferMains 115V1/5 HP
Wel Bilt submersible sump pumpWel BiltSubmersible UtilityMains 110V1/8 HP
Zoeller M53 Sump PumpZoeller M53SubmersibleMains 115V1/3 HP
Zoeller M57 Sump PumpZoeller M57SubmersibleMains 115V1/3 HP
Zoeller M98 Sump PumpZoeller M98SubmersibleMains 115V1/2 HP
Zoeller M267 sump pumpZoeller M267SubmersibleMains 115V1/2 HP