Want to know how to prevent your sump pit from overflowing and your basement from flooding even if the power goes out?

Best Backup Sump PumpWith a backup sump pump – either battery or water suction powered – you will never again have to worry about your basement flooding (even in a blackout) next Christmas road trip to the in-laws.

Most people think that the extra price of a backup pump is not necessary. What do you think? I have first hand experience of basements flooding and needing to get a new carpet because the sump pump failed and there was no backup plan. What’s the price of a new carpet? Many $100s more than the price of a backup sump pump for sure.

There are two types of backup pumps, both have some pros and cons:

Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump


  • Doesn’t add extra water to the discharge.
  • Higher flow rates than water powered and guaranteed flow rate (water powered based on supply water pressure).


  • Requires an extra submersible pump with float switch in the sump pit.
  • Battery will go flat in extended power outages.

Water Powered Backup Sump Pump 


  • Endless supply of “power”.
  • Few moving parts to fail.
  • Activated with a float switch in the sump pit.


  • Adds water to the discharge . For every 2 gallons removed from the sump 1 gallon is added to the discharge.
  • Adds extra cost to your water bill. Probably more expensive to run than a battery powered unit.


Best Battery Powered Backup Sump Pump


Wayne ESP15 12 Volt 29 GPM Backup Sump Pump System

Wayne Battery backup sump pump

The best battery powered backup system for most people is the Wayne ESP15 which offers 29 GPM drain rate at 0 ft of head (12 GPM with 10 foot head).

It’s the best for most people because it offers a medium flow at an affordable price.

How it work is you install the submersible pump in the pit, pipe it out alongside the existing plumbing and plug the battery pack in so it can recharge (you must get a 40 Ah or 75 Ah deep cycle marine battery).

Best Water Powered Backup Sump Pump


Basepump Water Powered RB750

Basepump 750 water powered backup sump pumpIf the power goes out in your area frequently, and you want the piece mind that you will never have a flooded basement, your best bet is the water powered backup pump.

You plumb it in to your city water supply and it uses that to create a suction force that drains the sump pit. This water supply is endless so you can leave your state and never worry about your basement or crawl space in power outages (or if your primary pump fails).

The best one for most people isn’t the most affordable but comes with a water alarm that can SMS message you if the water reaches a certain – for instance if this pump can’t handle the water flow rate entering your sump pit. At that stage you could call a plumber to get in there with a utility pump to help drain the water.

It can drain 12.5 GPM with 10 ft head which is about the same as the battery powered unit above.



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2. The Buying Guide from this very site was used to refresh on the pros and cons of each backup pump system.

3. The Basepump brand webpage for the 750 Model was used to verify some of the features and specs.