Here we’ll look at the best pedestal sump pump for most people and talk about when you should go pedestal over submersible sump pump.

Best Pedestal Sump Pumps

These days submersible sump pumps are more popular in residential and commercial settings because they don’t clog when solids are in the water.

You could say pedestal pumps are more popular with plumbers because when they need fixing it’s easy to access the pump and motor…

…But then again plumbers would also probably say that submersibles are there preference because they don’t fail in the first place. The reason submersible pumps fail less is because they naturally disperse heat away from the motor because of their cast iron housing and they’re surrounded by water.

Check out the best submersibles here.

As with all engineered products you must decide how to optimize the pros and cons. If you decide the following are the most important factors then a pedestal pump is the winner:

  • Ease of maintenance; and,
  • Less crowded sump pit.

Best Pedestal Sump Pump

Flotec Pedestal Sump PumpFlotec FPPM3600D 1/3 HP

The best pedestal sump pump for most people is this Flotec. It drains 41 GPM from your sump pit with 10 ft head.

It’s the most popular pedestal on the market and has a high review rating on Home Depot.

Because of its pedestal design it is easily installed as a replacement for your old pedestal pump. It fits in a basin as small as 12″ and has a 1-1/4″ discharge. It comes with an 8 foot grounded cord and 3 prong plug (115V and 5 Amps).



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